About Pooles Joinery

Pooles Joinery is one of the oldest businesses in New Zealand.  We’ve been here since 1882, not long after Smith & Caugheys (1880) and Sandfords (1881) began their ventures.  We’re not sure if we’re the oldest business in Southland, but our doors were open before H&J Smith (1900) and E Hayes & Son (1932).  Maybe we even provided some joinery for their stores - we’re really not sure. 

We might not be as well known as those businesses but that’s perfectly ok.  It’s the Southland way really, and we’ve always quietly gone about our business and concentrated on craftsmanship.  There’s something incredibly satisfying in crafting joinery and cabinetry, knowing it will stand the test of time and silently play an important role in people’s lives. 


One of the words we like to use at Pooles is aura.  That’s the distinctive atmosphere, or quality, that breathes character into a place and is generated by our craftsmanship.  You know people often say they want to ‘get a sense of the place’?  We think our work plays a role in creating that sense.  It helps build the ambience and feeling that imbues a space.  

That’s what we do, we create an aura.  That’s the result anyway.  The process is a journey we go on with clients.  It starts with collaboration.  This is when we listen attentively and make sure we understand all of the requirements.  Every little detail. 

The years have taught us that communication is key to everything.  So that’s what we do too.  We listen, talk and discuss.  We keep everyone informed throughout a project and make sure the whole process is transparent.  

Then there’s the delivery.  Before walking away from one of our creations, we make sure everything is installed correctly, checked over, working, and most importantly…there’s a smile on the faces of the customers.  

To recap, we collaborate, communicate and deliver.  It’s not a fancy and complicated approach to business.  We know that.  But it’s served us well for over 140 years so we’ll stick with it.  

Today, we work with commercial fit out companies, builders, Project Managers, homeowners, property investors and others.  Whoever we work with, we look to create an aura that’ll last a lifetime.  And beyond. 

Pooles Joinery is a family business.  

A Little Bit About Our Values

We really have only one value.  Maybe it's not even a value as much as a guiding statement or purpose.  Whatever you choose to call it, it came about through years of experience and learning how we like to approach business and treat each other.  

To deliver assurance means everything to us.  It really does cover everything too.  When we begin working together, delivering assurance starts with a handshake and our word.  We're delivering assurance that we'll do what we say.

It's also about delivering an assurance of quality.  Nothing leaves our premises unless it's good enough to make you stare at it for a few minutes, then cross your arms, stand back and go 'wow - that's impressive'.  

It's an ideas-through-to-installation thing, where every step of the way we look to deliver the assurance you need to know Pooles is the right choice for your project.