Craftmanship Since 1882

Good things come with experience.  For generations we’ve been crafting joinery and cabinetry of distinction.  There’s a beauty to finely crafted pieces that add character and define the feeling of a space.  We call that the aura and it’s our specialty.  Every single piece is completed knowing it’s going to breathe life into a space and playing a role in the lives of others.  We know how that might sound but it’s the only way we know to describe our love and fascination with what we do.

We work closely with architects to bring their architectural intent to life.  We work with builders and Project Managers to complete our part of the project on time and on budget.  We work with developers who want something that will add value and that intangible, special something for their property.  We’re involved with projects in hospitality, medical facilities, retail and commercial fit outs, office developments, airports, rest homes, and more.    

Old, Expert Hands

It’s hard to quantify the amount of experience at Pooles Joinery.  We’ve been here for a long time and there’s a certain degree of knowledge and insight that gets passed down from one generation to the next.  These are the things you only get in a family business that’s been operating for so long.

New, Expert Machinery

One thing experience tells us is that technology is always useful.  When old-fashioned craftsmanship meets current edge technology, the best of both worlds combine for the perfect blend of quality and finish.  We use technology for the advantages and experienced hands for their dedication and attention to detail.  It works. 

Collaborate, Communicate & Deliver

If we had to distil how we approach business it's this; collaborate, communicate and deliver.  We know the best outcomes are driven from working as a partner, making sure everything is clear and being wonderfully old fashioned by actually talking.  That's what delivers the best end product and the smiles.  

Recent Projects

For Architects, Builders & Developers

Our team of experienced craftsmen are able to turn their expert hands to nearly anything.  We’ve crafted reception desks that curve and bend, kitchens with innovative cupboards, and interiors for world-renowned wineries.  If you know what you want, then we can craft it.  If you don’t then we offer design services that can bring your vision to life.  We’ll work with you every step of the way to create something meaningful that will bring an aura to your home or space.

We also offer a standard range of cabinetry and fittings that are available for easy integration into a project.  At all times, you’ll find our friendly and knowledgeable staff will take the time to really listen to what you want.  Then together, we can start the collaborative journey that brings the vision into the design, then onto the workshop floor.  We’ll communicate with you every step of the way and keep you updated.  Then we deliver exactly what you wanted. 

Pooles Joinery is one of the oldest businesses in New Zealand, dating back to 1882.

Whether you’re an designer or a builder, our friendly staff are on your side to bring your vision to life, and transform life’s spaces for the better.

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